We have in this age a very sinister race of humans who I like to call the “Have’s”. Mr and Mrs Have, have it all!. Good health, good careers and lots and lots of money but, with money comes power. Now Mr and Mrs Have are influencing and changing the way we all live, secretive corporate lives where all of our day to day routines are regulated in one way or another. But remember, money is King!. I myself would be considered a “Have Not” to these power trippers, but why? because I choose not to drive or because I dress diferently? material crap!. I am a “Have” and what I have I have alot of, Knowledge!.What ordinary people don’t know.. I do.and I am here to pass it on to you. The United States is a Federal Corporation according to Title 28 of the United States Code. Wtf! So you’re telling me that they have more authority than McDonalds or Walmart? that’s exactly what I ‘m telling you and if you don’ t wisen up and stop making deals with the devil by signing their contracts then that throws out voluntary servitude, so whats left after that?, Involuntary servitude!., but they can’t do that because it’s prohibited by the 13th amendment we have now(not the original), so then what? well by this time you will have pissed off the Judge and D.A. ., I do recall a haircut called a D.A.(Ducks Ass) and thats what Mr or Mrs D.A. is gonna look like to the judge because the shit rolls downhill!. So now that you’ve been successful at winning in court go out and have yourself a goodtime at their expense..


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